Growing Smarter WIthout Working Harder

  If you’re still in business after your first year, congratulations. You’ve beat the odds to become one of the 20 percent of startups that make it past their first anniversary. It also means

Crossy Road, Now on Google Play Store

  Crossy Road started life as an iOS game. It quickly gained traction and became one of the most popular games in the world almost overnight. The simple nature and pleasing graphics are among

Learning about SEO

  SEO is a popular abbreviation, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the processes through which any website can be improvised in its ranking when it is looked up for by using

Setting Up Your First Website

  If you don’t have a website, or a personal blog, you are missing a lot of opportunities. Having a personal website or a blog can really help you boost your online presence. Combined

Top Tips for planning your website content

  Let’s cut right to the chase on this one, great content is absolutely crucial to the success of your website Without it, your all-singing, all-dancin design will remain just that: An attractive design

Using AJAX in Magento for faster user experience

  If you own an online store, you should know that each delay, each unnecessary page reload makes you lose money. People value their time so you should give them a smooth path to

Benefits of Web Design for your Business

  Web design is an integral part of online business, as it helps you to make your business noticeable on the web and also attract as many clients as possible. With millions of customers

Web Design Trends in 2015

  The end of the year is near. Companies have spent their summer design budget, and have ordered their Halloween and Christmas layouts as well. Now is the perfect time to relax a bit

Android iBeacon Patterns – Uncovering facts you’ve always wanted to know

  As a popular trademark for an indoor proximity system, iBeacon has become one of the smartest technologies that can notify the users about all the nearby iOS7 devices. iBeacon is a new class

Lexmark Wins MFP Line of the Year

  August 2014 Lexmark have swept the boards at the latest Buyer’s Lab (BLI) industry awards to win several honours for its range of high-performance multi-function printers. The BLI awards are some of the
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