20 Spectacular WordPress Themes for Owning Music Websites

A website offers tremendous features and privileges for the musicians and band members to share their music online and / or create a complete community around their band. An easy to access solution, a website keeps the users posted about their favorite music band, their concerts and any latest developments surrounding the lives of their much loved stars.

As a musician, a band member or as a simple, ardent, self confessed obsessive compulsive music lover, if you wish to start a WordPress based music website, we are here to help you out. The reason why we focus on WordPress is because it is an extremely easy to use backend system for uploading and managing various websites and blogs and with a range of features and functionalities like SEO, scalability, simplicity, drag and drop updates etc, anybody can manage a WP-blog or site, without much of technical skills.

Another important aspect of WordPress is the amazing and extensive range of beautiful themes that it provides. WP has made available a number of free and premium WP-themes and any website solicitor can download and install the same, and subsequently improve the aesthetics of the website and introduce newer functionalities into the system. Below we have shortlisted 20 WP themes specifically for a music based website. If you are looking for a WordPress based music website, you should really stay tuned and explore.

Top 20 Amazing WP Themes for Music Website

1. Slick and Sassy Soundstage WP Theme


With a slick and edgy home page layout and an equally engaging slider, the theme will attract any and every visitor within seconds of them accessing the website. And let us not forget the high end functionality provided by this theme. It allows the site owner to enjoy various features such as MP3 Streaming and online store, complete discography, tour dates, images, videos and also a blog. Besides, one can also sell the merchandise since the theme comes with an intrinsic WooCommerce integration.

2. Unique and Simple Music


An easy to use WP Theme, Music is special because it has certain features which are hard to be found in its counterparts. And irrespective of the hardcore functionalities important for a music website, the theme if fairly simple to use and customize as and when willed.

3. Well Documented Music Pro


A completely customizable WP Music Theme, Music PRO is the perfect choice for a label, a record band or a webzine. It is very well documented and easy to use and hence must be explored.

4. Versatile and Bold Harmony Band WP Theme

harmony theme

This theme again acts like a good ally, perhaps a nice assistant for the solo musician or the band, as it allows them to own a website which is rich in aesthetics and appeal, and provide them with enough features to upload their music and photos, handle various events and allow the visitors to the website to listen to their music. The theme is versatile and bold and renders perfect justice to the dynamic attitude of the band owner.

5. Enchanting and Edgy Clubber


Amongst the few perfect themes for the fans of club music and Disc Jockeys, the theme completely responds to the night life in terms of aesthetics, and comes laced with different features for managing and sharing music, handling various events, videos and a lot more.

6. Naughty and Happening Nocturnal


Another respite for the club goers and party hoppers come in the form of Nocturnal, amongst the favorite themes for the night clubs and the bands with such nocturnal instincts. Along with the regular features, the theme is made to render complete support to flyers and posters.

7. Dark N Gritty

dark n gritty

If you require a WP theme to be as gritty and enchanting as your tunes, this is the theme for you. Whereas the dark theme is completely magnetic, it makes available a choice of 4 different colors, names Green, Blue, Red and Turquoise.

8. Bold and Flamboyant Rockit Now WP Theme


And easy to customize and ready to be used theme, Rockit is often the most preferred choice for bands and rock inspired musicians.

9. The Indie Fest WordPress Theme

indie fest

If Indie is your favorite genre, or you yourself hail from that background, this is the WordPress music theme that you have been looking for.

10. Strings: Impressive WP Music Theme


The strong point of strings is the design. It helps you improve the aesthetics of your website by enabling you to put a different background on each of the pages of your website, blog posts, albums and gallery and in the portfolio page.

11. The Ultimate EPROM WP Music Theme


The EPROM WP Theme by The Rascals is the ultimate WP template that one can ask for. It is amongst the most competitively drawn solution for a wide base of music loves. Regardless of who you are – a musician, a band, a DJ, an event coordinator, a producer or just a music fanatic, this theme will invariably have the entire range of functionalities and design aesthetics that you can expect and would want from a template.

12. Feature Rich Soundboard Music WP Theme


This particular theme is in our list as it makes available a lot of special features for solo artists and bands. With the help of this theme, the musician will be able to display the complete and thorough discography, videos and images, tour dates and also will be able to easily sell out the merchandise.

13. Stocky and Powerful K-BOOM


As a powerful WP theme, K-BOOM provides a lot of features for the website owners to manage the music and the events on the WordPress site. A platform that serves various features like Blogs, Event Handling and Music Projects; this is the best platform for music producers and artists. And with its responsive layout, it works equally well on various handheld devices and laptops.

14. Incredible and Enriched Faded


An incredible WP Theme for Music, this is the best option for bands or producers or fans looking out for a brilliant design and a complete flock of options. We cannot even begin to mention the wide range of options that it provides, which includes the likes of Facebook comments, an audio player widget based on HTML 5, photo albums and videos and a lot more. For any of your “out of the box” need, this is the theme you should opt for.

15. Easy and Strong Replay


The perfect theme for any entity or organization involved in the music industry, this theme offers easy to customize features and provides certain strong features for managing events, selling and sharing music online and etc.

16. Chic and Trendy Muse


With an extremely modern and chic design, the Muse WP theme is perfect for any label or organizer or a band or a musician looking for a theme to enhance the aesthetics of their website.

17. Beautiful Acoustic WP Music Theme


Anyone hailing from or corresponding to the music industry will simply fell in love with the aesthetics and ubiquitous simplicity of this theme.

18. WP Music Theme: Live!


Simple an alive and kicking theme for all the music lovers; professionals or amateurs no bar!

19. The Vast and Dynamic Grammy Theme

grammy theme

If you, a music professional, are looking for a website theme which is just as professionally sharp and edgy as you are, then we have got good news for you. Other than the essentials of a music website, this template offers 8 different theme colors, which when used complete changes the vibe and the feel of it. These 8 different types of themes include crosshatch red, crosshatch turquoise, underwater, concrete, and ghost, velvet, concrete and wood.

20. An All Inclusive Soundcheck


Lastly, if you are not sure about which WP theme to opt for, opt rather for Sound Check, since literally speaking, the theme was developed to meet the needs of record producers, musicians, solo artists, DJ’s and even Churches for that matter. With this theme you can make you audio content public and allow the users to listen to it via intrinsic MP3 audio player.

This was all that we had for today regarding the WP themes for a music website. If you are really serious about the website, contact professional PSD to WordPress Conversion Company for bespoke and customized WordPress themes for your music website. A professional company offers that offer high end customization and theme designing services and integrate entire essential and much sought after features in the website.

And now, please do let us know how you felt about these themes, if you liked a few of them etc, in the comments section below.

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