Best 6 Website Creators for Designers and Creative Minds

One of the best things living in the nowadays world is the fact that you can easily create your own website without even being a programmer. You might even ask how this is possible, but just keep reading and we will reveal the correct answer to this question. On the other hand many people are in need of web access because this is the cheapest and most certain way to promote your product and services. But if you have a small business then you might be on a tight budget. In this case, you will probably want to make a website on your own. Well, we present you the best 6 website builders.



The first website builder we would like to redirect your attention to is the IM Creator. It is free, it is functional and it has every function that you will want. Plus its interface is really intuitive so you can be sure you will have no problems at all. The whole interface is drag and drop which is considered to be the best thanks to its simplicity and functionality. You can add hyperlinks, images, text in different styles, sizes, etc. You can even edit the pictures on you your own. And if you don’t like something in the default menu layout, you can also customize it in a way that will meet your needs.



Weebly is another free website builder. It features lots of advantages such as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited pages. There is also out of the box mobile support which allows this website builder to take a huge step ahead of its competitors. There is also a support for editing CSS and HTML for users who feel like more advanced. Plus, if something happens you can always download the whole website on your computer.



Another popular website builder is webs. According to one of the latest information, more than 40 million websites have been built with the help of it. It is probably the best decision in case you own a small business or you are entrepreneur who starts small but thinks big. The website building interface is also really intuitive so you will not have any problems. You can drag modules such as paragraphs, slideshows, pictures, etc.



If the main idea that stands behind your website is to look great and as if it has been designed by professionals, then the best choice you can make is definitely WIX.  There are more than 280 built-in templates that you can use, and if you take a look at them you will see all look great. The overall interface is pretty intuitive and features drag and drop. The support is on really high level and is available 24/7.



The interface of Yola is really friendly and helps people without serious knowledge. The support is also pretty great, so if you have any problems you can feel free to get in touch with them and find the answers to all of your questions. There are also e-commerce options so if you want to make an online shop – this might be a good start. You might also want to take a look at the paid subscription.




The last website builder we want to tell you about is Site2You. Like the above mentioned, it has an intuitive user-interface that makes sure every user will have absolutely no problems taking advantage of its features. Speaking of features here is what this builder includes – PayPal facilities, MP3 player, password protected areas, 24 hour delivery, shopping cart, RSS feeds, polls, there are also some additional features you might want to take a look at as well.

So if you have tight budget and don’t have professional web development skills, these best website builders can help you making quality website just in minutes. Must give a try!

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