Discovering New Features in HTML 5

Web designers will want to take a look at the new features in HTML 5, which promises to be a considerable upgrade from earlier versions that are out there. Some people are interested in seeing how they can integrate these features in to any website that they wish to host. If you read through this article, you can find out some of the upgrades that have been included in this newest release. You may be impressed by the overall level of support that you will get from this new version of HTML. Make sure that you work with web designers and other professionals who understand how to make the most out of this technology.

1. Editable Content

This is one of the most popular additions that you can find when you upgrade to this new form of HTML. Web designers will likely be familiar with the concept of adding elements to the HTML code that they input for a website. But now they can actually make this content editable, which is very appealing to many users. This can simplify the way that the code is inputted in to the website. It can also allow the web host to actually change some of the code quickly and easily. There is a reason why this is one of the best new features in HTML 5,since it encourages collaboration between the programmer and the host.

2. Local Storage

Another popular addition to this format is the idea of local storage, which can allow sites to remember what has been typed in to a page. If you haven’t tried this out yet, you may find that your users really appreciate it. This isn’t featured only through HTML 5, but it is a very useful addition that has been incorporated. Many people will want to take a look at how they can add this to their site soon. It isn’t supported yet across all browsers, but most of them have started to incorporate this in to their framework.

3. Full Audio Support

Of all the new features in HTML 5, this is likely one of the most highly anticipated. Websites will no longer need to install 3rd party plug-ins to feature audio straight through the page. It can be integrated straight through the coding that you utilize for HTML 5. This is appealing to many hosts, because it simplifies the way that web pages can be coded. Think about asking your programmer to incorporate this feature if you would like some ambient music to be played for your visitors.

4. Video Preload Function

This is expected to add quite a bit of efficiency to the way that websites are coded. Programs are expecting that this will help people find the support they need to integrate videos. If you would like to try this out, just have your developers experiment with it a little when you first adopt HTML 5. There are many people who will enjoy visiting websites that can streamline the way their videos are played.

5. Displays Control Text

When you are uploading videos, don’t forget to think about the different displays that you can host through your site. The new displays control text is one of the most functional new features in HTML 5 to expect. This is because there are a number of useful ways to toggle the displays that you see through here. Try to incorporate this alongside some of the other additions you plan to make soon.

Sean Coyne is an information systems analyst, web designer and currently works in healthcare information systems.