Google Algorithm Changes The History Of SEO

Google changes search engine algorithm 500-600 time every year. It makes several minor algorithm updates along with some ‘major’ causing huge affects on search results significantly.

As result it has been tougher for SEO professional to achieve higher organic ranking within a short span of time by applying old search engine optimization method. Few years back any website could gain top ranking by applying continuous link building process. This method of search engine optimization is now considered as ‘spam’ according to Google. Google has totally changed the method of search engine optimization through its algorithm update for last few years.

Primary reason for starting algorithm changes was to punish those websites which are trying to gain top rankings on the search engines by manipulating them. As it has been noticed by search engines(specially Google) that many websites are gathering backlinks from different unrelated websites through link firms. Basically search engines put on priority website with natural link, in such a condition unnatural link is totally unexpected. Besides this there are some websites following wrong method(in search engine’s eye) like ‘keyword stuffing’, ‘cloaking’. According to the expert only way to gain top Google ranking is to keep update with current algorithm changes and follow them. Let’s introduce with recent ‘algorithm update’ made by Google to know how did they changes the history of SEO.

 Google Update

Google Panda Update :

Google Panda was one of the most significant algorithm update released on 24th February, 2011. Later it was announced by Google that this update affected on 11.8% of the English searches (US). This update was made to punish website with duplicate or poor quality content. Reason for this update was to lower ranking to the low quality website and return high quality result to the visitors. Since 2011 Google has made 24 Panda update several times and again on 21st, 22nd, 23rd version of updated affected 1.1%, 0.8% & 1.3% of English search results serially. Google made its last Panda(Panda update 24) update on  January 22, 2013 by affecting on 1.2% of English search queries. Most of the webmasters and SEOs believing that on March15, 2013 Google Panda Update 25 seems to Have Hit but Google not yet confirmed as having happened.

Google Penguin Update :

On 24th April, 2012 Google released another update called Penguin update. This time Google’s intention was to punish website that are against Google Webmaster Tool guidelines and using black-hat techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking, take part in link scheme. This update affected around 3.1% of English search queries. Later on 26th May,2012 Google made another Penguin update which affected less than 0.1% of English search queries. Google update its last Penguin on 5th October,2012 by affecting 0.3% of English search queries. According to Matt Cutts there were over 600,000 black hat and less than 25,000 unnatural links among those punished website. Google also reconsidered 700,000 sites hit by penguin update unfairly through Google Webmaster Tool.

Google EMD(Exact Match Domain) Update:

Google announced another update on 27th Septembers,2012 named EMD(Exact Matched Domain) update. This update was made for poor quality websites matched with search terms in their domain name. These poor quality websites were appearing on the top organic search result by using the advantage of their domain name. Later Google spam head Matt Cutts announced this update affected 0.6% of the English search queries.

Though repeatedly several updates making online marketing tougher; on the contrary its better for those who are following Google’s guideline for appearing on the top search engine result pages(SERP).

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