Responsive Websites: How a Custom Web Development Do magic for Your Business

A website is a brand’s id. It tells of the brand’s ideals, objectives and target audience. And there are certain trends this 2013 that dominated much the landscape of web development.

 Custom Web Development

Here are a few for starters:

    1. Responsive and Adaptive Web Design – your website is optimized for all screen sizes, form mobile to tablets to large desktops.
    2. Vertical Scrolling and Parallax – this helps people not to get lost in your website. Example of which is the accessible social buttons in the left side of your blog and the menu at the top. Parallax is achieved with multiple layers of scrolling speed and creates an illusion of 3D effect.
    3. Minimalism – well you get it. Less is more and less is pleasant.
    4. JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 replaces flash.
    5. Skeuomorphism that makes experience more realistic.
    6. Custom Photography pages and full page backgrounds.
    7. Use of videos

These are the trends today and many brands and companies took advantage of these innovations. But for a brand, what can a website that has been custom developed give for benefits?

Benefits of a Custom Web Development

      1. Design unique to your brand. Generic websites are copes of each other thus you as a brand lose your identity. Having a custom web developed, you get to choose the feel and the look of your site. It will embody your brand as you want it to be.
      2. Search User friendly. Some web designs can be outdated and may be less responsive to SEO requirements. When you are having a custom web, you get to conceptualize the way you want to appear in search engines as well as edit this in the future in case web landscape change again.
      3. Custom web is adaptive in many aspects. It can be based on the features you wanted and even the budget you have.
      4. Scalable. If you customized your website then you own it. A good customized website can continue to function even when changes occurs to accommodate size or volume to meet your user and your own need.
      5. When you customized your web you have the chance to direct the development time. This will be according to your timeframe.

Other things to Consider in Custom Web Development

Once you have the process in your hands you have to consider other trivial things. Example is the website maintenance. If you are an expert in codes, you can opt to maintain it yourself, if not you can employ a CMS to make it easier for you. Another is the graphics to be used. IF you are really starting, graphics and brand logos are additional in the custom web development. It might add to the pricing but some companies do offer it as part of the package.

So to sum it all up a custom web development and design needs things such as your money, your specific goal as a brand and your developers’ creativity.