Useful Apps for E-commerce Dealers

Working online is very time consuming, but some people find it more rewarding that the usual nine to five slog. So, they choose to open an eCommerce store. Some people use commerce sites via apps, and others promote their store through apps. Whether you are looking for a quicker means of promoting your site, or an easy access to some of your online selling tools, apps are here to help.


There are over 750,000 apps for the iOS, over 400,000 for the Android, over 300,000 for Windows, and a cool 100,000 for the Blackberry. So, your choice is hardly limited by a lack of availability. Here are a few apps that you may find useful if you are an eCommerce dealer.

Google Drive

As an ecommerce dealer you are going to have a lot of files that need storing, and may often need access to files at a moment’s notice. With the Google Drive you are able to access your files on whatever device you happen to be on. You may even access them on your PC or laptop. This will mean that if you are out and about and an ecommerce customer asks you for a special price on a bulk order, you will not have to wait until you get home or to the office. You can access your price plan files on your mobile device and send a quicker reply (before they have chance to Google other eCommerce dealers).


This is a great app for if you want to check to see if you have been paid. You can see if your customers have made a payment, and you may even invoice them from the app. You can convert currency and even make payments yourself if you need supplies or to make routine reorders.


As an ecommerce dealer you are still going to have to go to meetings, conferences and expos in order to promote your online store and take orders. You may allow people to go home and use your website, or you can take payment from them right then and there. The Square app allows you to use a card reader in order to take payments from credit cards. This means that you may conduct part of your online business offline, which will put you one step ahead of the businesses that operate online only.


Ecommerce is not all about running transactions through your website. It is also about setting up projects and working them through to completion. This app allows you to set up projects, organize your team and collaborate with others. You can set tasks for each different staff member. For example, you may set up promotional projects and use the app to dictate what one staff member should do on Facebook and what another should do on Twitter. The app is great for managing your ecommerce team whilst away from your office or your computer.


With this app you can add to your accounts anywhere you happen to be. It is an app that helps you to manage your accounts, but more specifically it is good for managing customer accounts. You can record and organize your transactions and use them to create your customer invoices. This app works for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. The app makes accounting a little less intimidating, as it does most of the work for you.


Scan your receipts and categorize them. You can keep a watch on how much your ecommerce store is costing you. Things such as fuel costs for picking up supplies are often overlooked. With this app you can make sure that every penny is accounted for, to ensure you are not paying too much tax.


With this app you are able to take down voice memos which you may store for later. You may create notes to yourself, or reminders, or turn the whole app into your personal organizer. You can add videos and images to your notes to help make your note taking more efficient. The manner in which you may organize your notes will make it very useful to you when you wish to retrieve them later. You need never worry about forgetting a business or promotion idea ever again.